Whole-Home Humidifiers

Lack of Humidity?

Is the humidity level in your home where it should be? A home that is not humidified at the expert recommended 30-50 percent will have damaging consequences on your home and can lead to an array of health issues that impact those you love.

Not only does dry air breed viruses, which increases the chances of catching a cold, infection or the flu, but it can also lead to dry nasal passages, sinus problems, sore throats, nosebleeds, cracked and itchy skin, chapped lips, as well as aggravate allergies, asthma and lead to other respiratory problems.

A low-humidity environment will damage belongings around your home by drawing moisture out of porous materials such as hardwood floors, furniture, woodwork and musical instruments, causing irreversible splitting and cracking. Plaster, paint, artwork and electronics may also be damaged due to the adverse effects of dry air.

There is a Solution

Introducing humidity back into your home can reduce the prevalence of these adverse affects. Having Modern Air install a whole-home humidifier is the most efficient way to do so. The unit is installed directly into a new or existing heating and cooling system to humidify air in the form of water vapor. Your furnace simply warms the vapor and distributes it evenly throughout the air in your home through the existing heating ducts.


Benefits of Whole-Home Humidifiers


Once installed, your whole-home humidifier operates with a hygrometer that constantly measures the humidity level of your home, which allows you to set the level and then forget about it. The humidity is then monitored and controlled by your thermostat, along with temperature, and an even level of moisture is released throughout your home year-round. This controlled release helps eliminate annoying static electricity, especially during Kansas winters.

 Energy Efficiency

Turning up the thermostat will raise air temperature in your home, but if the air is dry, it won’t feel warmer. Adding humidity will help you feel warmer at lower temperatures. Humidified, heated air allows you to keep your thermostat set several degrees lower without compromising comfort, helping save money on your heating bill.


An even humidity level in your home maintained by a Modern Air whole-home humidifier keeps the air your family breathes healthier, no matter what room you’re in. Humidified air discourages the spread of viruses and can even help reduce snoring for some people.


One of the greatest advantages to a whole-home system is that it requires virtually no maintenance and will operate efficiently after a one-time setup. Unlike portable room humidifiers that require constant cleaning to prevent mold and bacteria buildup, whole-home humidifiers only need cleaned one to two times a year to remove mineral deposits left behind by the evaporated water. If you are a Discount Club Member the annual cleaning will be done by a Modern Air Comfort Engineer.

 Operating System

Whole-home humidifiers are also plumbed directly into your household water system, so you never have to worry about constantly filling it up with expensive distilled water to keep it from running dry. Additionally, the unit only cost pennies a year to operate saving you money as it does its job efficiently.

Call Today!

Our Comfort Advisor, Jason Hoelting, will ensure that the humidity level in your home is where it should be, protecting your family and the contents of your home. Installation of a whole-home humidifier will be done by the Comfort Engineers at Modern Air. Quality installation will ensure the device, its water supply and electrical connections are properly installed to both exceed manufacturing regulations and ensure the longevity of your humidifier.

"I am seriously so impressed with Modern Air!  I called Modern Air after getting tired of never hearing back from the other company and they came out within the hour and the friendly gentlemen had it fixed by that afternoon! So impressed with their customer service! I won't be using any other air company from now on!!! Thank you so much!" - Joe Seibel

"Very dependable and honest. Have been a long time customer and have never had a bad experience. Their techs are personable, knowledgeable, punctual, and mindful of your property. Would highly recommend."  - Shane Wilson

"We’ve been a Modern Air Discount Club member for nearly a decade.  It gives me peace of mind to know that our entire system is ready for each season in Kansas" -Teresa Maley